Welcome to Goddess Code Collective, where we empower and celebrate the modern Renaissance Woman who desires personal growth, professional success, sisterhood, and spiritual fulfillment. Whether you're seeking on-demand courses to expand your knowledge and skills, personalized support and healing, or access to our monthly Goddess Code Collective Calls, we've got you covered.

At Goddess Code Academy™, we invite you to tap into your feminine side and discover the transformative power of Goddess Archetypes, Activations™, and other Ancient Wisdom Practices. Unlock your full potential as a leader and healer by becoming a certified Goddess Code Coach™ or Healer. Serve your community authentically aligned with your unique gifts and passions.

Through Radhaa Publishing House™, we offer dynamic Author Incubator Programs where your inner author can thrive! Unleash your inner genius and become a best-selling author by collaborating with other writers to create something magical. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting, we provide the tools, support, and resources to bring your writing dreams to life.

In addition to our courses and programs, we offer monthly Goddess Code Collective Calls, led by Radhaa, that are accessible and affordable. These live calls provide a supportive and empowering space for women at any stage of their journey. Connect with a like-minded community and receive guidance, inspiration, and practical tools to help you thrive. Join us on this empowerment and transformation journey, and let us rise together as modern Goddesses.


Hello Beautiful Soul! So wonderful to have here! My name is Radhaa Nilia. I'm an Author, Publishing Priestess, Temple Keeper, and Advocate of Voices of the New Earth. I'm on a mission to help others remember their stories and unlock the Divine Feminine's mysteries through healing and Embodiment. And I'm here to guide women in finding their Voice, Vision, and Legacy. We can live a life filled with higher purpose by reclaiming our most authentic selves through working with Divine Feminine Archetypes, Mythology, Goddesses, and Storytelling. I integrate this into my work as a coach, activator, publisher, and temple keeper. It's my honor to support you, walking by your side on this next level of your Journey!


Goddess Activations

Let the eternal Love of the Goddess help you accept, heal, and integrate your deepest heart and Soul wounds. To experience these transmissions are to enliven your Soul. Through the energetic embodiment of the Goddess's energies, you will awaken the powerful life force within you and weave together your highest gifts of the Divine Feminine. 


Goddess Code Academy

Goddess Code Academy offers a safe space to explore and tap into your inner Goddess, unleash your Wild Woman, Reclaim your Power, and Heal your Heart & Soul Wounds so that you can step into your Highest Timeline. Join or living Light Temple of sacred trainings where can pick and choose what supports your next level. In exploring the different faces, Archetypes, and aspects of the Divine Feminine, we are remembering Her story and reclaiming pieces of ourselves.

 Help Videos

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Collaborative Books

Radhaa Publishing House supports and celebrates your Voice, Vision, and Story. We curate collaborative books to help you establish your expertise while sharing your Mission, Visions, Awakenings, and Spiritual and Healing Gifts. In our collaborative books, you forge your path as a thought Leader as part of your greater Legacy. Join us in our Upcoming Author Opportunities!